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FinaleScript vs. JW Lua comparison

(Please note that this article is mainly intended for JW Lua script writers.)

The MakeMusic blog

Today (Sep. 18, 2013), Kelby Stine at MakeMusic made a post on the MakeMusic blog about replacing Wizard-created staff names through FinaleScript. I thought it would be interesting to do a FinaleScript vs. JW Lua comparison on this (testing on the JW Lua beta 0.05 functionality, which is soon available).

Kelby's blog post is here:

The FinaleScript source

The FinaleScript source which the blog post is based on is here:

The JW Lua source

Here's the JW Lua script (what Kelby would probably call “code-based gobbledygook”) for approximately the same functionality:

function ChangeStaffInstruments(thestring)     
    -- Clarinets
    thestring:Replace("Clarinet in E^flat()", "E^flat() Clarinet")
    thestring:Replace("Clarinet in B^flat()", "B^flat() Clarinet")    
    if not thestring:ContainsLuaString("^flat()", nil) then
        thestring:Replace("Alto Clarinet", "E^flat() Alto Clarinet")
        thestring:Replace("Bass Clarinet", "B^flat() Bass Clarinet")    
        thestring:Replace("Contralto Clarinet", "E^flat() Contrabass Clarinet")    
        thestring:Replace("Contrabass Clarinet", "B^flat() Contrabass Clarinet")
    -- Saxes
    if not thestring:ContainsLuaString("^flat()", nil) then
        thestring:Replace("Sopranino Sax", "E^flat() Sopranino Saxophone")
        thestring:Replace("Soprano Sax", "B^flat() Soprano Saxophone")
        thestring:Replace("Alto Sax", "E^flat() Alto Saxophone")
        thestring:Replace("Tenor Sax", "B^flat() Tenor Saxophone")
        thestring:Replace("Baritone Sax", "E^flat() Baritone Saxophone")
        thestring:Replace("Bass Sax", "B^flat() Bass Saxophone")
        thestring:Replace("Contrabass Sax", "E^flat() Contrabass\rSaxophone")
        thestring:Replace("SubContrabass Sax", "B^flat() Subcontrabass\rSaxophone")
    -- Brass
    if not thestring:ContainsLuaString("^flat()", nil) then
        thestring:Replace("Trumpet in B^flat()", "B^flat() Trumpet")
        thestring:Replace("Horn in E^flat()", "E^flat() Horn")
    thestring:Replace("Horn in F", "F Horn")    
    thestring:Replace("Baritone (B.C.)", "Baritone BC")
    thestring:Replace("Baritone (T.C.)", "Baritone TC")
-- Load all staves
local staves = finale.FCStaves()
-- Parse through the staves
for staff in each(staves) do    
    local oldstring = staff:CreateFullNameString()
    local staffstring = staff:CreateFullNameString()
    -- Change the instrument texts
    -- If the text has changed, save the string
    if oldstring.LuaString ~= staffstring.LuaString then

Comparison Result

I did the comparisons on the same Finale document (a “Concert Band (Full)” created by the 2012c Document Wizard) on my Windows machine.

Comparison Area FinaleScript JW Lua
Total Execution Time 9.25 seconds (manually timed) 0.02486 seconds
Lines of Code (not counting comment lines) 19 37
User Restrictions Make sure to run only once, base document on Wizard's output Base document on Wizard's output (see remark in “Conclusion” below)


JW Lua is a programming language, and the comparison clearly shows that difference. You'll need to code a bit more, but you have full coding flexibility, can control the brevity of the language - and you get execution speed.

However, in Finale 2012 string replacement in staff names is generally a bad approach since it put user restrictions on the script. Instead, the JW Lua script should make changes primarily based on the InstrumentUUID property. In the specific example above, the JW Lua execution is about 372 times faster than FinaleScript, which would probably be an even larger difference if a InstrumentUUID solution would be used. But that's way beyond this comparison. :-)

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