Rehearsal Figures - Figure Position


This warning message will appear when multiple figures have been selected, and the main positions between the figures differ.


Absolute movement will move the rehearsal figure(s) to the indicated position.
Relative movement will move the rehearsal figure(s) by the indicated amount.

Hold down the <Ctrl> key while clicking on the up/down arrows at the control to add/remove a space to the current value. Vertically, a space is equal to the distance between 2 staff lines.

3 Set this option to OFF to make independently moved items remain at the current positions.

10 programmable preset position buttons.
Program these buttons with the rehearsal figure positions that you mostly use in the documents. Press a button to change the entry fields to the programmed values. Hold down the <Ctrl> key to reprogram a button.

The Original button will reset the entry fields to the original position.

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