Revision history

v 0.17c

- Compatible with Finale 2005a
- Settings Transfer: Added a separate dialog where all transfer options are listed (called "Transfer Options..." in the "Options" menu)
- Settings Transfer: Added "Compare" settings, where you can compare the current document against any number of other documents and get a report where the settings differ
- On Finale 2004 and later, Dialog Enhancer window is now accessible even if no document is opened.

v 0.17b - Dialog enhancement of Finale's dialog boxes didn't show up on some systems. That should be fixed in this version.
v 0.17a - Settings Transfer: FIX - Repeat Ending transfer (in "Other Document Options" mode) destroys the repeat dot character (on the main Repeats settings page)
v 0.17

- Forza! Lite is introduced
- All components are fully compatible with Finale 2004 and Finale 2005
- Settings Transfer now can display/print reports of you current document settings
- Some bug fixes and additions to Tempo Viewer
- Some small additions to Easy MIDI
- Many stability fixes

v 0.16a - Minor additions and changes to Quick Navigator and Settings Transfer
v 0.16

- Settings Transfer component added
- Misc. additions to Rehearsal Figures and Text Block Manager

v 0.15c

- Translation support added for the Rehearsal Figures component (currently only Swedish translation available)
- Quick Navigator support for Patterson's Page Mover" plug-in
- PDK Tools 2.09 or higher is now required. Download PDK Tools here.

v 0.15b - Forza! is now compatible with Finale 2003
- Quick Navigator support for Patterson's Beam Over Barline plug-in
- Finale 2003 enhancements to the Rehearsal Figures component
- Minor fixes
v 0.15a - Minor additions to the Quick Navigator
v 0.15 - A dialog replacement has been added for "Default Fonts"
v 0.14 - Additions and bug fixes to Rehearsal Figures and Tempo Viewer
v 0.13b - Minor fixes
v 0.13a - Minor fixes
v 0.13 - Tempo Manager component added. In this version it only has viewing capabilities (named Tempo Viewer).
v 0.12 - Feature additions to Text Block Manager, Easy MIDI and Rehearsal Figures
v 0.11c - Feature additions and small fixes to Easy MIDI and Rehearsal Figures
v 0.11b - Bug fixes in the Rehearsal Figures component
v 0.11 - Rehearsal Figures component added
v 0.10e - Forza! is now compatible with Finale 2002
v 0.10d - Minor fixes
v 0.10c - Minor fixes
v 0.10b - Minor fixes
v 0.10a - Stability fixes for Win95/98
v 0.10 - New features added to the Text Block Manager
v 0.09a - Minor bug fixes
v 0.09 - A first version of Text Block Manager added
- More 3rd party plugin support in Quick Navigator
- Forza! as separate pull-down menu
- Stability fixes
v 0.08b - About 50 more commands for Quick Navigator added
v 0.08 - Quick Navigator has now been added to Dialog Enhancer
v 0.07a - Bug fixes in the context menu for the staff list in Easy MIDI
v 0.07

- A first version of Easy MIDI (Staff controllers) included
- Feature additions to Enhancer settings

v 0.06 - Dialog Enhancer (Settings Searcher + Enhancer settings) included

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