plug-in collections for Finale(TM)
Latest version available for download:
v 0.17c (Nov 01, 2004)

Forza! Component Descriptions
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Component Name Forza! Forza!
Dialog Enhancer Finale 2000 Document settings search - Find any document setting in!
Enhanced user interface in Finale's dialogs
Quick Navigator - Fast, easy and customizable access to Finale's features.
Easy MIDI Finale 2000 Adjust MIDI controllers for the staves with an easy-to-use interface.
Text Block Manager Finale 2000 Easy handling of text blocks, supporting style definitions and permanent clipboards.
Settings Transfer Finale 2003 Transfer selected elements from the current document to any number of other documents.
Print or display the document settings as a report.
Compare document settings between documents.
Tempo Manager Finale 2000 Easy handling of all kinds of tempo changes. [Currently only includes the tempo viewer.]
Rehearsal Figures Finale 2000 Powerful and easy creation, editing and handling of rehearsal figures.
Workplace Manager   Finale 2004  
ForzaScript   Finale 2003  
Style Manager   Finale 2000  
Layout Manager   Finale 2001  
Metatool Manager   Finale 2000  

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