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The Quick Navigator is a tool to help you access the commands you use in Finale in a faster and more efficient way. You can design the Quick Navigator in any way you want, to make it tailor-made for your own workflow.

The Quick Navigator has many advantages compared to Finale's Palettes and Toolbars and has advantages even to keyboard macro programs:
- The Quick Navigator doesn't require any screen estate.
- The Quick Navigator pops up at the mouse pointer, so all commands will be really easy accessible with the mouse.
- The Quick Navigator is fully customizable.
- No extra keys (except the keyboard combination to bring up Quick Navigator) are used.
- No need to remember which key is assigned to which feature.
- The Quick Navigator supports multiple menu sets.
- The Quick Navigator can be set to be intelligent enough to hide unnecessary commands when they can't be used.
- The Quick Navigator also can perform some tasks that would normally require multiple user actions.
- All commands and menus in the Quick Navigator can be renamed.

To activate the Quick Navigator anywhere in Finale, press <Shift>+<Ctrl>+<Alt>.

Don't forget to check out the tips at the bottom of this page!

The screen shot below shows the Quick Navigator configuration page in the Dialog Enhancer.


Double-click on an item to transfer it to the currently active menu. The <Enter> key can also be used.
Double-click while holding down the <Ctrl> key to transfer the item to all menus.
Drag and drop items to the design area on the right to make a copy to a specific location.

in front of an item, means that a submenu containing all the items of that type will be inserted.

Right-click on an item to display the context menu for the items:
Add to active menu Transfer to item the curently active menu.
Add to all menus Transfer the item to all available menus.
Collapse all Collapse all tree branches so only the main folders are shown.
Expand this Expand this entire tree branch to show all its children.

Please note that Forza! will also display some 3rd party plug-ins. A full list of supported plug-ins is available at the end of this page.


Drag items to move or rearrange. The dragged item will be put just below the drop target.

Click on an already selected item to rename it.

Right-click on the items to display the context menu for the item:

Active menu

Select this to make the current menu the active one. The active menu is the one that will be displayed when you press <Shift>+<Ctrl>+<Alt>.

The active menu is also indicated by the symbol.

Insert separator Inserts a horizontal separator line before the selected item. The <Insert> key can also be used.
Delete Deletes the current item. The <Delete> key can also be used.
Move Use this submenu to rearrange an item. The following keyboard shortcuts can also be used:
<Ctrl>+<Up> - Moves an item up
<Ctrl>+<Down> - Moves an item down
<Ctrl>+<Home> - Moves an item to the top
<Ctrl>+<End> - Moves an item to the bottom
New menu Adds a new, empty menu at the bottom of the list.
Make duplicate Makes a copy of an entire menu. A menu item must be selected for this command to be available.
Test menu Test the currently selected menu. This function will show how the menu design will look in advance, without the need to press the Apply button. Selecting menu items in a test menu will do nothing, though. The shortcut <Ctrl>+<T> can also be used.
3 Right-click on the background to display the submenu with global settings and commands:
Safety question for menu delete Controls if a safety question should be displayed each time you delete a menu from the design.
Safety question for this page Controls if a safety message box should be displayed if the user closes the dialog without applying the changes.
Revert to last saved state Reverts all check boxes to the state at the last 'Apply'.
Conceal unavailable items

When this option is ON, all menu items that normally would be disabled in the Quick Navigator menu will instead be hidden. This gives you menus that are much more compact.
It's highly recommended to use this setting when you've get used how Quick Navigator works.

Switch menus from popup Controls if it should be possible to switch menu set from the Quick Navigator menu.
Named staff sets When this option is ON, the staff sets displayed in a Quick Navigator menu will also display a the instrument range of the staff set, instead of just displaying the staff set number.
Hints Controls if hint texts should be displayed at the mouse pointer for this dialog page.
Forza! Submenu with WWW links to help/support.
4 Press the Apply button when you permanently want to store the menu design. (The Apply button will be disabled if no changes to the menu design has been done.)
Hold down the <Ctrl> key to close the dialog afterwards.

The example below shows how the designed menu could look when you press <Shift>+<Ctrl>+<Alt> to bring up the Quick Navigator:


Compare this screen shot with the designer screen shot at the top of this page.
As you'll notice, some items are not displayed. This is controlled by the 'Conceal unavailable items' option (see above), which will hide all commands that aren't available in the current document. (In this example, the document where the Quick Navigator was used didn't have any bookmarks, so all bookmark items were hidden.)

Please also note that 'User Manual' has its own submenu in the example.

2 The Quick Menus submenu will be available if you have more than one menu in your design, and if the 'Switch menus from popup' option is on (see above). Here you can switch between the different menu sets. This submenu will not display if you only have one menu in your design.

Take a few moments and analyze how you work in Finale. Which commands do you use 'all the time'? When are you using them? Can your work be divided into different 'modes'?
To be productive, make sure you don't create too large menus.
The 'Conceal unavailable items' option usually allows you to increase the number of choices in the menu without loosing productivity.
Create more than one menu.
Organize your menus to the kind of workflow you have in Finale. For example, you might want to have one Quick Navigator menu when composing, one menu for doing the layout, one menu for preparing parts and so on.
Within a menu, arrange the items logically so you'll find them quickly. Put separators between groups.

These plug-ins are supported by the Quick Navigator:
TGTools (by Tobias Giesen) 1.86a or later.

All TGTools commands will be listed in Quick Navigator!
Patterson's plug-ins (by Robert Patterson) These (or later) versions:
- Beam Over Barlines v1.01
- Patterson Beams v1.05r2
- Measure Numbers v1.01
- Page Mover v1.00
- Settings Scrapbook v1.01
- Staff Sets v1.01
- Tie Mover v1.02
- Tuplet Copy v1.01
- Tuplet Mover v1.01

Saved Settings are also supported as separate Quick Navigator items!
JW freeware plug-ins (by Jari Williamsson) These (or later) versions:
- Playback 1.01
- Space Systems 1.07
- Divider 1.06
- Tempo 1.02

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