Dialog Enhancer - Settings Search

The Settings Search will search for any words in Finale's Document Settings dialogs. It will provide you with a rapid method to find all relevant options for a specific element in Finale. When a Finale dialog is opened from the Settings Search page, the matches can also be marked with a color in Finale's dialog.

1 Enter the word(s) you want to search for in Finale's document settings dialogs. Separate each word with a space. Partial words can be used. You can press Enter in this field to start a search.
2 Press the search button when you want to perform a new search.
3 Right-click on the background to display the submenu:
Clear hit list Clears and hides the hit list.
Case sensitive search Setting to control the case sensitivity of the next search.
Include drop-down lists in search Setting to include all items from combo boxes in the next search.
Include dialog titles in search Setting to include dialog titles in the next search. If dialog titles are included in the search, the titles will be weighted higher than the words found within the dialog.
Color coding in Finale's dialogs Submenu that controls color coding when matches are found in Finale's dialogs.
Hints Controls if hint texts should be displayed at the mouse pointer for this dialog page.
Forza! Submenu with WWW links to help/support.
4 The hit list is shown after a search is completed.

- Move the mouse pointer over the list items to display hints to show where in the dialog the search text is found.
- Open a dialog by double-clicking on it. If the list has the keyboard focus, the <Enter> key will also open the dialog.
- Sort the list items by clicking on the column headers. Sort in reverse order by clicking once again. The arrows next to the column titles will indicate the sort order.
- Resize
the Dialog name column by dragging the divider between the Dialog name and Match column headers.

Right-click on items in the list to display the submenu:
Clear list Clears and hides the hit list.
Sort by name Sorts the list in ascending dialog name order.
Sort by best match Sorts the list in ascending hit point order.
Open dialog Opens the selected Finale dialog.

Some additional notes:
- The first search will take longer time, since the strings from all Document Settings dialogs has to be retrieved. All subsequent searches will be performed rapidly.
- The search words can consist of any part of a word. There is no requirement to search for complete words.
- When multiple words are searched, it's considered a hit when any of the search words is found.

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