For Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP

Forza! Lite, v. 0.17c Setup (.exe) for Finale 2000-2005.

Installation Instructions:
1. Download the Setup file to any folder on your computer
2. If Finale is running, exit Finale
3. Double-click on the setup file that you downloaded to start the installation of Forza! Lite
4. Follow the setup instruction on the screen
5. When you have reached the last page of the setup program, press the Finish button and Forza! Lite is ready to use in Finale (it's available as a drop-down menu to the right once you've a document open).

This file is also available for download at the forza-talk file space (after you're logged in).

Documentation in PDF file format. (.zip) Reflecting version 0.17
This file contains the Forza! documentation available on this site as one single PDF file. (View it with Acrobat Reader.)

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