Settings Transfer

The Settings Transfer component is a very powerful tool to easily transfer selected settings or elements from the current document to any number of currently opened documents. Settings Transfer will only run on Finale 2003 and above.

The interface is straight-forward: Mark the settings on the left side, mark the destination documents on the right side, and when appropriate select additional options that control the transfer at the lower part of the window.

Here are some benifits of Settings Transfer:
- It can transfer settings from one document to as many documents as needed in one task. For example: if settings changes have been made to one part, Settings Transfer can easily transfer those changes to all other parts instantly.
- No setup time needed, just mark the elements you want to transfer to the marked destination documents.
- Settings Transfer can perform much more detailed settings transfers than libraries, for example individual settings pages or only document settings affecting vertical lines.
- By default, Settings Transfer will not unnecessarily duplicate already existing shapes, for example when transfering shape clef definitions or default definitions for multimeasure rests.
- When transfering lists of objects (such as expressions, articulations, etc), it can be set to not duplicate already existing objects.
- When transfering lists of objects, assigned metatools can optionally be transfered as well.
- When transfering document options, already existing elements in the destination documents can be set to conform to the new defaults.

TIP: Create a master document containing all your needed settings and elements, if you repeatedly need to conform to the same style for your documents. Use Settings Transfer to transfer the settings to the master document, and also use Settings Transfer to transfer the settings from the master to other documents.


The pull-down menus. They contain duplicates of the menu items that is available in the contextual menus.


This is the mode selector list.

Use it to select any of the 5 modes that is available. Each mode is a category of settings:
Settings Pages - Settings that are available on the pages of Finale's Document Options dialog box.
Other Document Options - Document settings that aren't directly available in the Document Options dialog box.
Lists - Different kinds of element lists, such as lists of expressions,. articulations, fretboard styles, etc.
Setting Groups - Document settings grouped by the kind of parameter they control, for example line widths.
Miscellaneous - Other settings that are stored in the document (that doesn't fit in any of the categories above).

3 This field displays the name of the current document (from where the settings will be transfered).
4 This is the settings list. Which items that appear here are dependent on the selected mode. Only the settings that are selected here will be part of the transfer.

Mark a setting by clicking on the check box next to it.

Right-click on the list to display a context menu:
Mark All Mark all items in the list.
Mark None Unmark all items in the list.

Press the Report Current Settings... button to get a report of the selected document settings. From within the report window, you can also print the report.

Mhen settings containing music characters are listed in the report, a check box called Font Previews for Characters will be displayed. Use this option to see the music characters in their actual font. Uncheck this option to only see the character numbers.

6 This is the option list, which sometimes contains extra options related to the transfer. Which options that appear here are dependent on the selections in the setting list.

Right-click on the list to display a context menu:
Mark All Mark all items in the list.
Mark None Unmark all items in the list.
7 Press the Transfer button to make the transfer of the selected settings to the marked documents.

This is the list where all other opened documents are listed, which can be used as targets for the setting transfers.

Mark the documents by clicking on the check boxes.

Right-click in the list to display a context menu:
Mark All Mark all documents in the list.
Mark None Unmark all documets in the list.


Below is a table with all currently available transfers, listed by mode. An asterisk (*) indicates that additional options are available for this transfer:

Settings Pages
(The settings available on the pages in the Document Options dialog box.)
Other Document Options
(Document-specific settings that don't appear directly on the pages in the Document Options dialog box.)
(List of objects created in the document.)
Setting Groups
(Document settings grouped in other ways. More information available in a separate table below.)
(Other document data transfers.)
Accidentals Page Format for Score Text Articulations* Horizontal Line Widths Time Signature Metatools*
Alternate Notation Page Format for Parts Shape/Mixed Articulations* Horizontal Line Lengths Tool Switch Metatools*
Augmentation Dots Pickup Measure Text Expressions* Vertical Line Widths
Barlines Playback Options Shapes* Vertical Line Lengths
Beams Clef Definitions Executable (Playback) Shapes*
Chords Repeat Endings Text Repeats*
Clefs* Stem Connections Custom-Line Smart Shapes*
Flags Chord Tool Options Arrowhead Shapes*
Fonts Tie Contours Tablature Instruments*
Grace Notes Slur Contour Fretboard Styles*
Grids and Guides Smart Shape Placement Fretboard Glyphs*
Key Signatures Smart Shape Options  
Layers Smart Slur Options
Lines and Curves Guitar Bend Options
Lyrics (on Finale 2004 and later)        
Multimeasure Rests*
Music Spacing
Notes and Rests
Piano Braces
Time Signatures

The Setting Groups mode will transfer the following settings:

Horizontal Line Widths Horizontal Line Lengths Vertical Line Widths Vertical Line Lengths
Staff Line Thickness
Ledger Line Thickness
Beam Thickness
Tuplet Bracket Thickness
Default Broken Beam Length
Left Half Ledger Line Length
Right Half Ledger Line Lenght
Left Half Ledger Line Lenght for Rests
Right Half Ledger Line Lenght for Rests
Heavy Barline Thickness
Thin Barline Thickness
Stem Thickness
Barline Dash Length
Normal Stem Length
Short Stem Length
Half Stem Length

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