What is ...?

Forza! is a plug-in collection for Finale(TM) for Windows. My aim with Forza! is to push the limits on Finale usability, from a technical standpoint as well as from a user interface standpoint.

Forza! is available in 2 different versions:

Forza!, which is the "big" plug-in collection. This requires a licence fee, to help support the continued development of Forza! It consists of the components of Forza! Lite and many more components. Please note that this isn't available yet!

Forza Lite!, which is a free plug-in collection, constisting of 6 components. This is available for download today!

Forza! and Forza! Lite is constantly expanding in functionality. Make sure that you always have the latest version!

(NOTE: Each separate plug-in within the Forza! collection is called a component.)

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