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JW Validate is a tool to spot potential errors, issues and mistakes in the Finale document. It current runs on Finale 25 and above.

Some Important Things...

  • Make sure to save the document before running a test on it.
  • Select only a couple of tests at a time, unless you have a very small document. Getting a huge list of potential issues often takes longer time to manage.
  • Use the Options dialog box to uncheck tests that you aren't interested in, or tests that result in lots of false positives.
  • Some tests only make sense in certain scope. For example, tonality needs to be checked for scores only, while page layout needs to be checked for parts as well.
  • An issue marked as “error” doesn't necessarily mean an error, if the “issue” is intentional.
  • If Run only Safe Tests is turned OFF in the options, make sure to not switch to any other program on the computer during the scan.
  • Use View HTML to view all currently reported issues in your web browser. The tables in that view will also display the details side-by-side with the issue.
  • Don't replace a machine scan with a manual check of the material. Use it as an additional tool.
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